Warli Bags- Big Slide Sling

Payment Terms and ConditionsIn case of Outstation Cheques, please add Rs.30/- only against clearing charges. Bags will be sent once the Cheque is cleared at our end. All Cheques and Demand Drafts must be in favour of “SAAKSHI KALE” PAYABLE AT BHOPAL. For quick processing your orders, please send payment via bank transfer directly to our Bank Account. Advance payment necessary. In case of bulk purchase, minimum 50% in advance is necessary to deposit to process the order. In case of cancellation, 10% will be deducted against order processing fee.

Warli Bags are Non-Leather and made up of Polymer Cloth. They are ready to use, non-greasy and safe for children. You can do gentle wash if necessary.  Prices mentioned in INR are applicable only in India. Taxes wherever applicable will be extra and borne by the customer. Abroad orders are possible with different price range depending upon the country. The courier charges and taxes applicable in such case will be borne by the ordering customer.

Please note that prices are not fixed and may vary. So, please enquire about the prices before placing the order.  The discounts are considered only on bulk purchases and company’s decision will be final in this regard. Orders once placed, will not be cancelled or modified.

Please note that color choice of the bags is limited. Bags will be sent those available in the present stock. Please do not insist for color choice.

Price mentioned here is for one unit of Bag only.