The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Healing Methods
Besides the reiki programs, the Omni Holistic Centre has other different healing methods
Distant Healing
This healing is available for those who cannot come to our clinic. Such people have to provide their case history, photo and required fees for the whole month. Distant healing is based on the energy vibrations and some symbols which are used for the purpose. This type of healing is totally safe for both healer and healee as we use only the positive energy. Basically, the reiki of any lineage is purely positive energy. The Distant Healing for each patient depends upon the energy vibrations received by the healee and so the healing time differs for each patient.
This is the healing method to know about the weaknesses of the chakras or imbalances of the chakras due to which a person is facing some problems. A kind of diagnostic method of healing.
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