The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Meditation Programs
The Omni Holistic Centre has designed different courses for you which helps you understand yourself fully. All the programmes cut across the barriers of sex, nationality, religion and belief. We offer meditation courses of the following choice :

Dhyan Course [Duration : 2 Hours]

 Basic Course [Duration : 2 Hours]

Advanced Dhyan Course [Duration : 3 Hours]

Self Healing course [Duration : 3-5 Hours]

Course for mental health [Duration : 2 Hours]
The benefits of the Meditation Program
Freedom from stress & Tension.
Greater creativity and clarity of mind.

Improved health and sense of well being.

Heightened enthusiasm.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Better Interpersonal relationship.

Greater self-confidence and self-mastery.

Increased energy & vitality.
Please Note
Kindly note that there are no masters or grands masters in Omni Sutra System, Omni Sphatic System, Omni Shiva System, Omni arma System and Omni Sai Sutra System in India, Europe or the other parts of the world so far. For Omni Healing System, 1 master in India and 3 in Europe has been initiated & each in UK, Bulgaria and Russia. So kindly inform / verify us if somebody claims themselves to be a master or grandmaster in these systems particularly.
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