The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Omni Vichar
This is new and advanced system of Omni Vichar, which has been created through Sameer Kale’s guidance and meditations. Here the meaning of Omni is universe and Vichar means Thoughts. Here it correlates with boosting up the energy level.

Omni Vichar is good for those who really want to understand themselves and want to work with positive intentions. It is safe for everyone and any condition.

It is based upon the energy of the Sacred Mantras and their effect on our body and chakras.

It balances the energy centers called the Chakras.
It coordinates with Yin and Yang energy.
The Omni Vichar system is for those who wish to work with Positive thought patterns and intentions. It works on Unconscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious state of mind. This system works well on Physical,Mental, Psychological and Spiritual levels. 
 Mantra Provided  in this system is unique and comprises of yang , yin and Shivanand's energy. Shivanand is Spiritual form of Sameer Kale. This energy matches with our Chakras energy when we just think of some situations, events, thoughts and may be combination of all these.

The best part of Attunement is that you get personal initiation i.e necessary for you and it make you safe from all negative energies. So, in other work energy protection is provided in each Attunement.
For this Program, Please provide your latest scanned photo, full name, address, mobile no., to our Email: reikinetbhopal@… Fee deposit in advance to our bank account is necessary. Though we accept Cheques and Demand Drafts but Program will begin only after cheque is cleared at our end. We suggest internet banking or bank transfer for quick processing. Once we receive the payment, fix date and time of your Initiation or Attunement. When the Attunement is done, we send necessary file and Certificate to your Email directly.
Please note that Fee mentioned here is applicable in India only. For Abroad program and fee structure is different. For queries, please write to us at reikinetbhopal@…
Omni Vichar Introduction
This Videos talks about new Omni Vichar system developed by Sameer Kale of India.
Please Note
Kindly note that there are no masters or grands masters in Omni Sutra System, Omni Sphatic System, Omni Shiva System, Omni arma System and Omni Sai Sutra System in India, Europe or the other parts of the world so far. For Omni Healing System, 1 master in India and 3 in Europe has been initiated & each in UK, Bulgaria and Russia. So kindly inform / verify us if somebody claims themselves to be a master or grandmaster in these systems particularly.
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