The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Omni Shakti
Omni Shakti (Power Plus Reiki)
Omni Shakti ( Power plus Reiki) is a very effective programme to increase your own Energy Level. In this programme, you shall experience different power and Energy Levels on the physical, mental and etheric level. This programme is designed to raise your own energy level to your own much higher energy level. This raised energy level shall be of particular benefit to your own self and for others. Power plus Reiki shall particularly increase your own level of conscious awareness. 

The minimum eligibility qualification for Omni Shakti (Power plus Reiki) is a Reiki II certification and general good physical health. 

All programs include the necessary literature, attunement, teachings and the certificate too.
Omni Shakti Introduction
This Video is about unique Omni Shakti system developed by Sameer Kale of India.
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