The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Current Omni Healing Masters
Omni Holistic Centre offers different healing systems based on non traditional methods without medicine and without side effects for all acute and chronic problems on all levels like Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Aura and Spiritual etc. The Omni Holistic Centre is an organisation which conducts reiki and meditation programs from time to time in India and abroad. It started its operations from 11th Dec’98. In this period of time, we have conducted lectures, seminars and healing sessions at different places in our country”.
The main aim of Omni Holistic Centre is to spread the message of non-medicinal, non-toxic and drug free society for the people of India and the abroad. We also invite people to discuss different alternative systems of medicine which may be beneficial for the people and society. In this regard our Organisation offers some new avenues which are open to all who wish to share their work and contribution in the field of alternative medicine.
Stephanie Jones 
Stephanie Jones, Wales, UK is an Omni Healing Master and Omni Kriya Master. She is the UK co-ordinator for Dr Kale’s UK Dates. 

Ekaterina Stoyanova
Ekaterina Stoyanova , Sofia, Bulgaria is an Omni Healing Master and the coordinator for Dr Kale’s Bulgarian Dates. Traditional Karuna and Osho Neo Reiki Master Having her Bulgarian Reiki Centre in Sofia. 

Alena Guseva
Alena Guseva , Ekaterinburg , Russia(moved recently to US) is the coordinator for Dr Kale’s US Dates now. Traditional Reiki Grand Master and Omni Healing Master(level 3B) had her Reiki Centre in Ekaterinburg before moving to US recently.
Dr. Veena Gupta
Dr. Veena Gupta, Alwar, India is an Omni Healing Master and the coordinator for Dr Kale’s Rajasthan State (India) Dates. She is a Gynaecologist and also a traditional and Karuna Reiki Master. 
Galina Marinova 
Galina Marinova , Sofia, Bulgaria is an Omni Healing Master from Dr.Sameer Kale. Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master Having her Reiki Centre in Sofia. 

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