The Genuine Omni Healing Masters initiated by Dr Sameer Kale
Around in the year 1982, the spiritual journey of our founder, Dr. Sameer Kale started while learning Yoga. Which was then followed by Yog Nidra and that had him curious about learning more about Yoga. This gave him a lot of opportunities of meeting different masters of Yoga and with the help of whom he learnt Dhyana Yoga, Vipassana Yoga, Saral Siddha Maha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Samadhi Yoga, Raj Yoga, Tantrik Yoga and Transcendental Meditation etc. In 1993, he learnt about the traditional Reiki system. After learning about the traditional Reiki system in 1993, he completed the basic level in the following year at Ahmedabad. That's when his life took a new turn and he decided to go further deeper systems of Reiki healings. He completed his Karuna Reiki in 1997, Traditional Advanced Reiki in 1997 and Osho Neo in 1996.
Founders words..
“A big turnaround came for me in the year 1996 when one day, during my meditation, Sri Sathya Sai Baba physically appeared before me, and I heard the sound of bells ringing in my ears as if someone is calling me to do something. After some similar sessions like this, I came to know that it was about the new beginning of new system of reiki called ‘Omni Healing’. I will always remember that time vividly and that after this I never looked back and my journey is still being continued….
In my meditative state, I also received the systems like Divya Sutra Healing, Crystal healing and Rudraksha Therapy in April, 1999 and immediately after that in June, 1999 came the system of Past Life Regression which was free from any hypnosis and purely based on the universal energy. There was also a need to provide more power to those people who were in the field of Traditional reiki, so for them an unique system came into being,called ‘Power plus reiki’ in August, 2000. I have always had a great interest in Astrology and I was given the opportunity to learn a very old Astrological system named ‘Ramal Astrology’ from one of its renowned Teachers, Shri Syed Habib Ali and I completed my studies in September, 2002. Then one more new system of Massage Therapy was introduced to people in October, 2003 which is very different from the traditional style of massage and is based again on the energy concept. This is my way, my journey is on and I am looking forward to having many new things in future. I believe that my teachers and my guides are allowing me to provide a better tool to understand life, its situations and better insight to look beyond all these things by way of new and advanced therapies.
My gratitude to all my teachers, guides who all the time help me, guide me and encourage me to help and improve myself and allow me to serve the human community worldwide.”
About Omni by Sameer Kale
This video explains about Energy and Omni in general. Sameer Kale is founder teacher of different Omni Systems. This video was shot in Oxford, United Kingdom. 
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